The International Keyboard Odyssiad® & Festival, U.S.A., is a five-day summer piano competition and festival featuring over a dozen guest artists and pianists in daily masterclasses and presentations, mini-recitals, the live Semifinal and Final Rounds of the Olympic-style Odyssiad® Competition, and five nights of riveting concerts by internationally renowned pianists, including Van Cliburn winners.

The festival features a series of recitals, special topic presentations on repertoire, performance, and pedagogy, master classes by guest artists and faculty, and a live audience for the Odyssiad® Competition. 

In 2017, special guest artists include 2013 Van Cliburn Gold Medalist, Vadym Kholodenko; a new 2017 Van Cliburn Medalist (Gold, Silver, or Bronze to be named in June); the Gold Medalist of the 2016 Olga Kern International Piano Competition, Chen Guang; Kemal Gekic (Croatia/Serbia/USA); and the Atlantis Piano Duo Eduardo Ponce and Sophia Hase (Salamanca, Spain). Other guest artists and judges include Yoheved Kaplinsky (Chair of Piano at Juilliard); Oscar Macchioni (University of Texas-El Paso); George Lopez (Artist-in-Residence at Bowdoin College); Hsing-ay Hsu (University of Colorado); Cecilia Huang and Professor Yang (Guangzhou, China); Daria Kiseleva (2016 Odyssiad® Gold Medalist, Russia); Dzmitry Ulasiuk (Belarus); along with three orchestral conductors, including Wes Kenney (Fort Collins Symphony, Opera Fort Collins, and Denver Young Artists Orchestra); Devin Patrick Hughes (Boulder Symphony); Bohuslav Rattay (El Paso Symphony Orchestra); and three young concerto soloists for the popular “Conductors Collaborating on Concerti” session.